iAM Simulator

It's More Than Just a Simulator

The iAdvance Motorsports simulator is a state of the art simulator designed and built by former IndyCar driver and Formula One test driver, Darren Manning. Darren uses the simulator as a tool to teach valuable skills and techniques to racing drivers of all levels.

After driving nearly every professional racing simulator in the world, I’ve taken what I feel are all the best parts of those, and combined them to create the iAM simulator.

Darren Manning

Owner - Coach

It's More Than Just Coaching

The iAdvance Motorsports is more than just a simulator facility. It’s a facility where you come to be coached on skills and techniques that will get you to podium finishes. Learn alongside Darren as he coaches you in two specific areas: driving technique, and understanding the ins and outs of the car. This is the winning combo… know how to drive the car and how to make it go fast for you. It’s that simple.

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