Driver Essentials

Learning the car, the data, and how to make it drive for you is critically important. A great understanding of how and why the car is performing will not only increase your confidence within your team, but will place you more in control of your own destiny as a successful racing driver.

There are a tremendous amount of factors that can present themselves when racing that ultimately will affect the car, its set-up, and how it needs to be driven. Some examples include; weather conditions, qualifying vs. race day set-up, new tires vs. old tires, sprint vs. endurance racing, and so much more. We will teach you everything that a driver needs to know to be the best no matter the situations or issues that arise. Feel confident knowing when it’s the right time to make changes to the car vs. when is it time to drive the setup that you have. Feel confident because you understand the techniques when changing the handling of the car in order to get the best lap time.   Learn to understand what you have just done in the car, and relaying all of that information to your team.   You also need to be able to relay what you actually want it to do based on what the car was doing, and how you had to drive it to get your best lap times. Help yourself stand out from your competitors by knowing all of these essentials and so much more.

Wherever you are in your racing career, there is always more to get out of yourself and the car.

Below are a few techniques that will be covered:

  1. Learn basic and advanced driving techniques
  2. Preparing for on-track and off-track situations that affect the car and your ability to drive it successfully
  3. Understanding Car Set Up and effects on handling
  4. Understanding the car’s behavior
  5. Pre-Race Prep
  6. Race Day Prep
  7. Data Analysis and interpretation of on-track data, and how to use it to your advantage. There is a ton of info out there, but much of it is useless).
  8. Competing to Win