Media Relations

Part of being a racing driver is interacting with the media, and how they portray you to everyone (even team owners) will impact your career. Let us help sharpen your interview and presentation techniques, build your personality, and teach you how to make social media, and all media outlets, work for you and your career. This interaction will be critical to your continued success and presence in the race industry.

Post-race TV interviews, press conferences, one-on-one interview sessions, sponsor and corporate event speaking, social media posts, webinars/online events, etc. are just a handful of opportunities you will have to get in front of the media and important individuals during your career. Making sure that you use the media to your advantage at all times is critical, because how you are perceived by them could very easily, directly and indirectly, affect your career and presence in the industry. Our seasoned professionals will provide you with techniques to improve your media relations to make sure that every interaction with these outlets is to your absolute advantage.

Topics of conversation will include, but are not limited to:

  • Interview and presentation techniques
  • Confidence
  • Building your personality on social media
  • Making the media and social networks work for you