Mental Aptitude

When the pressure is on, can you deliver? Learn from mentally strong and seasoned professional drivers about how they dealt with the pressures of racing. Let them help you gain the mental strength you need to be prepared to get the best from your situations, however normal or bizarre they may be.

You set fast times when there is nothing to lose, but when it’s time to go, and you have two laps to qualify on new tires, can you perform? Your mental aptitude has everything to do with it. When the pressure is on, can you deliver? Are you thinking about the right things? Are you relaxed? This is the “zone” that so many racing drivers refer to, and it is a talent that can be formed and improved with the right teacher. By learning your personality traits and characteristics, we will teach you how to get the best out of yourself when it’s go time.

Some topics will include, but are not limited to:

  • Emotional and psychological preparation
  • Creating adrenaline
  • How to deal with qualifying and race day stress and pressure
  • How to deal with abnormal or critical situations
  • Affective and controllable imagery
  • Focus and distraction control
  • Realistic performance evaluation and attribution
  • Role clarity and commitment
  • Planning and organization
  • Goal setting and self-reinforcement
  • Quality practice
  • Resilience
  • Creating and using support networks